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Midlife Cycles-Royal Enfield   |   ACM Parts   |   Morris Minor Garage

MidLife Cycles – Royal Enfield.
Based in Cremorne (Melbourne), RMD is assisting with the marketing of MidLife Cycles. Emotive Advertisements feature in most Motorbike Publications. The concept is to create old fashioned ‘motor bike porn‘ – as well as reinvograting the iconic Royal Enfield brand.

ACM Parts. A new concept in Car Parts Suppliers, RMD is working with the marketing department to roll out the latest corporate identity. The branding has been applied to trucks, buildings and sponsorship signage to Polytechnic Colleges. The branding is strong and direct. ACM is a ‘game changer’ in this sector.

The Morris Minor Garage is located in Harcourt North (Victoria) and is home to a collection of Classic Vehicles dating from 1925. RMD has been involved in all facets of the Garage, including designing the building facade, display layout and marketing. The Garage attracts motoring enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world.